28/29 weeks update

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

It has been quite a while since I last made a blog post, but things have been a bit overwhelming recently and blogging helps me process my thoughts. Hopefully in the near future, I will post a better update about how we got to where we are currently, but for now, this update will have to do!
28 weeks 2 days. So, last Sunday I started feeling off around noon and by 8pm I was having pretty regular contractions. I had been trying everything to get them to ease off (thinking they were just Braxton Hix) - laying on my left side, drinking water, walking. Nothing was helping and I was timing them on an app and by 9pm we decided to head to the hospital. We arrived at triage right at 9:30p and things escalated pretty quickly. I was admitted to L&D by 10p and immediately began magnesium to help stop the contractions. I was dilated to 2cm. I had a negative FFN test (thank goodness). They determined I also had a severe bladder infection and started me on an IV antibiotic and regular fluids. I was also given a catheter and told to stay in bed. I continued to have intense contractions throughout the night, but they were decreasing in frequency. Overnight, I received the first round of steroid shots for the baby's lungs and my Rhogam shot. 
28 weeks 3 days. Monday morning I met with MFM. They guessed Georgia is around 2lbs 11oz. They did a cervical length check and it was 1.4cm - they want it at least 2.5cm. The doctor wanted me to stay on magnesium until Tuesday morning when they'd perform another check. I continued to receive the antibiotic IV fluids, magnesium, regular fluids, and also received my second set of steroid shots. By Monday afternoon, the contractions were down to about 6 an hour. I developed a severe headache that they tried to treat with tylenol, but unfortunately it didn't help. That night I was give morphine and phenergan and was able to get some rest. To be honest, I was miserable and an emotional mess. 
Tuesday morning one of the OB's came to check my dilation at I was still at 2cm. The contractions had slowed drastically and I was only having about 1-3 an hour. They stopped the magnesium and other fluids and sent me home on pelvic rest. We scheduled a follow-up for the following Monday with the OB and MFM. I was cleared to return to work on Thursday. 
While at home on Tuesday and Wednesday, I had very few contractions. I felt okay and took it easy. I did a lot of laying around and drank tons of water.
28 weeks 6 days. Thursday morning I got up at 6a and started getting ready for work. I had 2 painful contractions before I left at 7:30a. I drove to work and arrived around 7:50a. By 8a, I was having contractions every 10 minutes or so. By 8:30a, they were every 5-7 minutes. By 9a, they were every 2-3 minutes apart and I knew it was time to head home. As I was leaving the office, I decided to call my OB's emergency line just to let them know what was going on. They told me to head straight to triage. My husband met me there and by 9:45a I was being admitted again. They checked and I was contracting every minute and a half to three minutes and I was dilated closer to 3cm (although, they still recorded it at 2cm since I wasn't 'quite' 3....). They started the magnesium again and more IV antibiotics because they determined I still had a bladder infection. They didn't make me have a catheter this time (bad pan instead), but I was still bed-bound. I was monitored all throughout the day. 
29 weeks. Friday morning we met with MFM. I was so incredibly sick that morning. I had a horrible headache and was terribly dizzy and nauseous (thank you, magnesium). I almost got sick in the MFM office - it was so embarrassing!) They performed another cervical length check and it had grown to 2.1cm. They said the baby was at 'zero' station and head down. Since the contractions had slowed over night, they ordered the magnesium to be stopped. I was also taken off the IV antibiotics and the regular fluids. They started me on Procardia which is an oral med that I take every 12 hours to help with the contractions. They said it is a symptomatic medication - meaning it won't stop or prevent the contractions, it will just help keep them under control. They kept me in L&D on Friday to see how I reacted to the Procardia. I seemed to do okay for the most part. Around midnight on Friday, I had multiple contractions during a 20 minute time frame. They had me lay on my side and started back the IV fluids. It seemed to help and the contractions slowed again to 1-3 an hour. 
29 weeks 1 day. Saturday morning we met with the OB. She said she felt like they could comfortably send me home on the Procardia for now. I will return to the OB next Monday (August 7th). For now, I am not on bedrest. I am still on pelvic rest and am not allowed to bend, stoop, lift, or over exert myself (among a few other things). I can only go up/down stairs twice a day (which is difficult because we live in a two story house). They said to take it easy over the next week. I am hoping my work will be flexible and allow me to work from home (which is what the OB recommended). 
29 weeks 2 days. Sunday - I had waves of nausea, hot flashes, and headaches. I had several contractions, but nothing consistent or overly worrisome. 
The OB did tell us that they don't think I will make it past 35 weeks. I pray we are able to make it longer, but I understand the reality of the situation. For now, I will try to do what I can without pushing myself. I have to continue to work as long as possible. I would appreciate all the thoughts and prayers as we try to deal with things during this time.