Welcome home, Sadie!

Monday, February 8, 2016

Meet Miss Sadie Sapough! 

Birthdate: November 26, 2015
Weight: 8 lbs.
Color: Blonde

Sadie joined our little family on February 2, 2016. Rhett and I are currently renting our house and we knew when we moved in that; unfortunately, pets were not an option. After we got married we contacted our rental company and asked about the possibility of adopting a puppy. As we suspected, our request was denied. We decided to stop asking and let the situation rest.

On Monday, February 1st, we received an email out of the blue from our real estate agent letting us know that the landlord had decided to let us get a puppy! We were beyond ecstatic. The next morning (Tuesday) the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia posted a picture of 7 retriever/lab mix puppies on their site. They were all named after Big Bang Theory characters and were absolutely precious!! All 7 puppies were sweet little blondes and all of them were looking for love.

Rhett and I knew we wanted a female dog. We feel that long term the maternal instincts of a female dog will be best, as we plan to have children not too far off in the future. When we saw the picture of “Penny” (which was Sadie’s given name) we both fell in love instantly! We both were able to leave work early and we went straight to the humane society. When we got there, we went straight for our girl. The moment we picked her up, we knew we were never going to put her down. She latched on to our shoulders and wouldn’t let go.

So we quickly adopted our Sadie girl and brought her home where she will FURever be loved. She is sweet as peaches and a little ball of fun! She is slowly learning her name and is getting pretty good at potty/crate training. We are so thankful to God that we were able to add this sweet baby girl to our family! We hope you enjoy watching her grow with us!

To learn more about the Humane Society of Northeast Georgia, visit their website or Facebook page.

This is the post we saw on Facebook that made us fall in love with our Sadie (Penny)

On the car ride home! 

Our goofball girl playing with mommy on her lunch break!

Sweet girl loves to cuddle!

And she's pretty good at napping, too! ;)