one year ago today - our engagement story

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

It was one year ago today that my best friend asked me to be his honor of today, I wanted to share our engagement story!

It was a cold and snowy day when we ventured out into the icy mess left behind from the night before. Rhett had stayed the night at my parents house the night before to avoid driving on the icy roads. After a casual pizza lunch, we decided to go for a Jeep ride. 

We spontaneously drove to downtown Greenville to see the falls in the snow. When we got downtown, Rhett parked the Jeep and we headed towards the bridge at Falls park. We stood there admiring the beautiful falls and we both commented that it was the most beautiful we had ever seen it. 

All of a sudden, and without reason, everyone else on the bridge disappeared. It was just us two. Rhett began telling me how thankful he was to be living in Greenville and how much he loved spending time together. Before I even knew what was going on, Rhett grabbed my hands and got down on one knee. "Rebecca Danielle Sessions, will you marry me?". I had never heard sweeter words. Shocked, I replied "YES!", but that was about the only thing I could say! I was absolutely speechless. After a few impromptu photos, we strolled through Falls Park, hand in hand, celebrating our engagement.

The next day, Rhett gave me my ring. It is the absolute most beautiful ring in the world. The funny thing is, Rhett wasn't even planning on proposing when he did. He had already purchased the ring, but he hadn't picked it up from the jewelers yet. It was just such a beautiful day in downtown Greenville with all the snow and the timing was impeccable. Rhett knew he had to propose right then and there, with or without the ring! It was the most sweet and romantic moment and is a day that I will always cherish.