Thursday, February 4, 2016

It can be difficult to find family friendly movies to watch. While Rhett and I don’t have kids yet, we do enjoy a good “children’s” movie from time to time. So, I asked some friends and family what their all-time favorite family friend movies were and I scoured the list and picked out what I consider to be the top 5. My decisions were based on the lessons in the movie as well as how entertaining they are. In no specific order, here are my picks:

1. Finding Nemo 
(Disney/Pixar, 2003)
Rating  – G
Synopsis  – Nemo is a curious young clownfish taken from his home in the Great Barrier Reef and relocated to a dentist office fish tank. His hero dad, Marlin, and his new (sometimes forgetful) friend, Dory, embark on an adventure as they seek to find Nemo and bring him back home.

Why  – Finding Nemo is a great family movie! Even the animation shows kids the beautiful creation that lies beneath the waters. Kids learn that even while it may seem that their parents are being overprotective (as Marlin is in the movie), they do it because they love their children and only want what’s best for them. Kids also learn to never give up despite difficult circumstances (Dory’s persistent forgetfulness).

2. Inside Out 
(Disney/Pixar, 2015)
Rating – PG
Synopsis  – Young Riley’s emotions – Joy, Fear, Sadness, Anger, and Disgust – can’t figure out how to get their act together after Riley and her family move to a new city. They must learn to work together and complement one another in order for Riley to be happy.

Why – Emotions are hard for anyone to fully understand, but Inside Out represents them in a way that helps kids understand. This movie teaches kids that it’s okay to not be happy all the time. You’ll experience fear, sadness, and get angry sometimes. Each emotion allows you to experience different aspects of life, which is all part of the growing up process.

3. Toy Story
(Disney/Pixar, 1995)
Rating – G
Synopsis –  Andy’s beloved cowboy toy, Woody, becomes increasingly jealous when a new spaceman toy shows up in Andy’s room. When things get out of control and Woody and new toy, Buzz, find themselves away from home alone, they must quickly learn how to work together if they want to make it back home to Andy’s room.

WhyToy Story teaches kids about teamwork and the importance of friendship. Woody isn’t very welcoming when Buzz first shows up, but when they’re in a sticky situation together, he realizes that Buzz isn’t such a bad guy. The two learn to work together and through the process, they become the best of friends.

4. Cinderella
(Disney, 2015)
Rating  – PG
Synopsis  – Young Ella’s father tragically and unexpectedly passes away while on a business trip. Ella is forced to live with her evil stepmother and sisters, but remains positive and hopeful. When she meets a stranger in the woods one day, she learns that he is in fact the Prince and her misfortunes are about to change.

Why – The whole concept of the movie teaches children to “have courage and be kind”. Ella learns to make the most out of life after she goes through difficult times. Cinderella teaches children to be respectful (as she is to her stepmother), courageous (as she is when she attends the ball), and kind (when she forgives her stepmother). This movie helps children understand that it’s not outward beauty that matters, it’s the inner beauty of your heart.

5. Up
(Disney/Pixar, 2009)
Rating – PG
Synopsis  – After the love of his life Ellie passes away, Carl Fredrickson is forced to move to a retirement home. Before they can come and take him, Mr. Fredrickson flies away in his house with the help of balloons. It doesn’t take long before he realizes that he has a stowaway, young Kevin, who will be embarking on his journey with him.

WhyUp teaches children to be thankful even when things don’t go their way. Towards the beginning of the movie, Carl is mourning the loss of his wife, Ellie, and is reminiscing on all the happy times they had together. They had so many adventures and there were still so many more to go. Sometimes, things don’t go exactly as we hope they will and Up helps kids to count their blessings despite the little disappointments.

These are strictly my opinions and were in no way influenced.
I do not own any of these images. Some other top movie contenders include; Monster’s Inc., The Sound of Music, Mary Poppins, The Aristocats, The Lion King, The Wizard of Oz, Miracle on 34th Street, Remember the Titans, The Sandlot, The Incredibles, Chronicles of Narnia, Willy Wonka, Night at the Museum, National Treasure, The Blindside, Despicable Me, The Jungle Book, and Tarzan.