My Bucket List

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Back in 2011, I made a bucket list of random things I wanted to do. So in no particular order, below is this list I made FIVE years ago - with some things already completed! Yay!
  1. Ride on the back of a motorcycle
  2. Party on a cruise ship
  3. Swim in a fountain
  4. Make a wish at the Trevi fountain in Rome
  5. Ride a gondola
  6. Ride a subway in New York
  7. Eat Belgian chocolate
  8. Ride first class (done!)
  9. Go skinny dipping
  10. Have a date in a diner restaurant (done!)
  11. Make pizza dough from scratch
  12. Watch the sunrise at the beach
  13. Go to Hawaii
  14. Learn how to play poker
  15. Ride a vespa
  16. See the Northern Lights
  17. Visit Ground Zero
  18. Go to Italy
  19. Spend Christmas at Disney World
  20. Kiss on Bow Bridge in Central Park
  21. Go to Times Square
  22. Swim with dolphins (done!)
  23. Visit Australia
  24. Visit the walk of fame
  25. Kiss under mistletoe
  26. Visit a castle
  27. Roast chestnuts over a fire
  28. See the Grand Canyon
  29. Drink wine in Italy
  30. Kiss at the top of a ferris wheel (done!)
  31. Kiss on the big screen at a game (done!)
  32. Have my own library in my home
  33. Find pants that "fit"
  34. Write something in wet cement
  35. Be a homeowner
  36. Kiss at the top of the Eiffel Tower
  37. Stay at a bed and breakfast
  38. Walk through Central Park in the snow
  39. Pet a kangaroo
  40. Visit a walk through aquarium (done!)
  41. Go to London
  42. Wake up in Vegas
  43. Skydive
  44. Solve a Rubik's Cube
  45. Go on a safari
  46. Hold a Koala
  47. Ride an elephant
  48. Ride in a helicopter
  49. Ride a horse on the beach
  50. Be part of a flash mob
  51. Learn how to sew
  52. Ride in a taxi (done!)
  53. Visit the mall of America
  54. Ice skate in Central Park
  55. Chop down my own Christmas tree
  56. Visit Jamaica
  57. Cliff jump
  58. Eat a crepe in France
  59. Ride in a hot air balloon
  60. Go to Hollywood
  61. Go on a carnival date
  62. Ride every ride at Six Flag's
  63. See a Broadway play
  64. Be given a puppy as a present
  65. Cuddle under the stars
  66. Learn a card trick
  67. Say "I do" (done!)
  68. Have a baby
  69. Get kissed under a waterfall
  70. Visit Niagra Falls
  71. Own something Chanel
  72. Go streaking
  73. Take a tour of the White House
  74. Eat pralines in Charleston
  75. Celebrate Mardi Gras in New Orleans 
In 2013, I flew first class to Phoenix, Arizona [#8]

I got to swim with dolphins in the Bahamas on my honeymoon [#22]

This is from when we said "I do" [#67]

The garter removal was slightly awkward...poor hubby!

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