WEDDING DAY - part one

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The morning of November 21, 2015, I woke up cool, calm, and collected. I rolled out of bed, showered, and started running errands around town with my youngest brother, Jon. We had to go place our lunch catering order for the bridesmaids and then make our way up to the church. I was also supposed to go by my grandma's house to pick up my dress....but we ran out of time and that didn't happen. (Luckily, my mom was able to bring it up to the church later that morning - along with my veil, which I had totally forgotten about! oops.)

Once we got to the church, Jon and I walked around and turned on all the lights and took my bags inside. At this point, I was still calm and ready to get the day started! Slowly, all the other bridesmaids began to trickle in. Then our photographer showed up. The hairdresser was a little late arriving to the church, but I wasn't concerned - we still had plenty of time. 

The hairdresser, Heather, styled my hair first. There's just something relaxing about having someone "play" with your hair so this really helped helped me stay relaxed and focused on the day's goal - marry Rhett. After about 45 minutes (I have A LOT of hair), it was time for makeup. A friend from church, Brittany, is a talented aesthetician and was my makeup artist for the wedding (she did the makeup for my bridal portraits as well). I love being pampered and having my makeup done, but it always makes me SO nervous! I don't wear a whole lot of makeup on a daily basis so I'm always afraid I will look too fake. Brittany did a really good job though and I was really pleased!

All the girls took turns getting their hair and makeup done and they all looked fabulous. We then had some time to kill before we had to start taking pictures so we took our time getting dressed. I put my dress on and it fit just as well as I remembered. I definitely was NOT one of those brides that worried about dieting or exercising to fit in my dress. I wanted to be myself and feel comfortable without all the added pressure. I refused to wear any type of spandex or other undergarments that were going to suck me in uncomfortably! 

After getting dressed it was time to head in to the sanctuary for pictures. Rhett and I decided not to see each other prior to walking down the aisle so we made sure to avoid each other in the hallways. Group pictures took about an hour and included all the shots that we could get before the ceremony. Honestly, it was really chaotic. There wasn't a whole lot of direction about where to stand, how to pose, where to look, etc. I felt like I also didn't get some of the shots I was really hoping for. I was really detailed with my shot list, but I just feel like I could have done something to make the whole process a little more smooth. 

At around 4pm, it was time to leave the sanctuary because guests would soon be arriving for our 5pm ceremony. I paced the room! I was so ready to just get married and didn't want to wait another hour. One of the hardest parts of all the time spent waiting was not being able to see Rhett. He is my best friend in the entire whole and he was who I truly wanted to share the entire day with. Looking back, I would have liked for our ceremony to be earlier in the day so that we didn't have to spend so much time anxiously waiting. 

At 4:58pm, literally last minute, I walked with my dad to the back of the church where we would wait for the processional to begin. I was just starting to get nervous at this point. But I just kept reminding myself of the end goal - marry Rhett. 

Stay tuned for part 2! 

Candid shot while getting my makeup done that morning!

My sweet mom had my BEAUTIFUL bouquet handmade in England just for me. It was so very special! 

My sweet Rhettman getting help with his tie from his groomsman Ryan.

My groom is oh so handsome! And what's in that book he's looking at, you ask? That's a secret I'll never tell. heehee ;) 

Rhett with all my ladies!

And an obligatory pic with all the groomsmen!