"How's married life?"

Monday, January 25, 2016

"How's married life?" is one of the most commonly asked questions I get these days. The standard answer I give (which is probably the same for most newlyweds) is "It's great!". And I sincerely mean it with all my heart!!

But...there are little things that Rhett and I both do that annoy the daylights out of each other! When Rhett gets home from work, he takes his shoes off in the kitchen and he LEAVES them right there. I throw my dirty clothes on the bathroom floor rather than putting them in the hamper that is in the next room. Rhett puts his dirty dishes on the kitchen counter rather than putting them in the sink or dishwasher. I never finish an entire bottle of water or can of soda and end up wasting half of it.

It may seem silly, but I know Rhett and I aren't the only newlyweds that go through this annoying phase. But with all that said, what is it that makes me say married life is GREAT??

When God formed Rhett in his mother's womb, He created him knowing that he would one day be my husband. I have someone to share the ups and downs of each day with and a constant giver of strength and encouragement. I recently read a quote (not sure where) that said "Marriage is a lifelong journey of learning to love like Christ".

So, yes, newly married life can be full of little struggles and shoes left in the kitchen, but the joys brought from striving for a more Godly marriage far outweigh any obstacles that could ever come our way. I am making it my personal goal to cherish the little annoyances (even the dirty dishes) and not take them for granted, but rather thank God for blessing me with such a sweet husband that I get to do life with (and clean up after). 


  1. <3 love this and so glad to see you blogging! :)

  2. I agree with you completely! I am also a newlywed and my husband drives me crazy sometimes. When he hangs things up in our closet he has to put it on the same hanger that it came off of. If the original hanger isn't there he will look for it until he finds it. I don't get it! But I love him all the same.